Alice in Bomberland

by Mark on October 5, 2009

I’ve been waiting for a little while to post this up. They now have a website up about the game so it should be safe to post about it here. I did nine character illustration for the game ‘Alice in Bomberland’ that will soon be coming out for the iphone, and is published by Sonic Boom. Originally it was a simple game and the artwork was just sort of an added bonus to get to each level. We picked out the characters that they wanted for the game, and then I was given a lot freedom to add the weapons and what not. After some sketching we came to the conclusion that it was funniest to have very classical characters in crazy situations. Eventually the game changed quite a bit (for the better), and now the artwork is used to tell the story. Also the weapons of on each stage are based off of the illustrations. The backgrounds for the levels were done by Alan Song, and the visual artist from Braid did the playable Alice.

I had a chance a couple weeks ago to actually play the game and it is a ton of fun. It gets super crazy and there are tons of surprises and power ups. There are somewhere along the lines of 48 levels. This was super fun to work on and a big thanks to everyone at Sonic Boom. An especially big thanks to Chris DeLeon for getting me involved in this and letting me run wild! Thanks Chris!

You can see the official website at
On the site you can even download some of the images!
This video show you what the game play is like. The illustrations I did are used before you actually go into the levels. Also the logo you for the game you see at the end of the video was designed by my brother!

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Kerry October 5, 2009 at 11:19 pm

so awesome! the two little boys that live here are beyond impressed that you made a video game. – you might as well have invented cheetos, in fact, that would be LESS cool.


Yuka October 9, 2009 at 12:27 am

How funny!


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