Ballpark Mysteries

by Mark on January 23, 2014

I was looking back over my old posts and I realized it’s time for some updates on the Ballpark Mysteries series by Random House.  David Kelly has done a great job on these books and they just keep getting better and better.  For more information on the series check out the blog here.

‘The Astro Outlaw‘ – Houston, we have a problem! Before a game at the Astros’ ballpark, Mike and Kate get to meet astronaut commander Nick Rice at the nearby Houston Space Center. He’s planning to display a very rare moonrock at an autographing event later. But just before the event, a nefarious outlaw knocks out the commander and steals the moonrock! Can Mike and Kate figure out who did it . . . when their only clue is a broken green feather?






‘The L.A. Dodger’ – It’s spring break and Kate and Mike are off to Los Angeles to visit Kate’s dad, a scout for the Dodgers. But all is not sunny in L.A.—strange things have been happening to Kate’s dad. Pages have gone missing from his clipboard. He’s gotten threatening phone calls. And he thinks he’s being followed! Is someone after Mr. Hopkins’s top secret scouting reports?





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